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“It was like a post-apocalyptic world; just destruction everywhere. What made a big impact on me was all the leftovers. Things people had abandoned. Written messages everywhere shouting for ’help.’ Empty body bags.” — Casper Balslev on post-Katrina New Orleans.

Danish director Casper Balslev began crafting his unique visual style at an early age while assisting his father, a specialist airborne photographer. Trained in field reportage and street photography, he’s brought his brand of vibrant spontaneity to TV work for such clients as Volkswagen, Royal Beer, Egekilde, and TDC.

Balslev was pursuing a photojournalism degree at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and working at a newspaper in Copenhagen when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. He immediately dropped everything, flew to America, and spent five days making photographs in the deserted city of New Orleans, three-quarters of which was underwater. His resulting portfolio of large-format landscape portraits, Nawlins, won him a coveted spot at the National Gallery Copenhagen’s annual Young Danish Photography exhibition.

After graduating, Balslev turned his passion to music videos, creating work for such diverse artists as Fenech Soler, Ladyhawke, the Presets, and Marina & the Diamonds. His short film for fashion brand Hans Kjøbenhavn won a Cannes Lion in 2013 and a spot in Saatchi & Saatchi’s New Directors’ Showcase. He also won the Gold award for Best Commercial Direction at Eurobest.Widely exhibited in galleries, Balslev is currently at work on a photo series titled The Story of Metal.







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