Oasis – ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’ / Dir. Baillie Walsh

Directed by Baillie Walsh. From the tour film ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’. “Let There Be Love” is a song on the English rock band Oasis’ sixth studio album. Written by and with lyrics by Noel Gallagher , it is the third Oasis song to feature Liam and Noel on lead vocals, the first being the B-Side “Acquiesce”, and the second being “Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is”.

It was released on 28 November 2005 as the third single from the album in the UK, and the second single in the US. It reached number two in the UK charts, capping a very successful year for the band. Many critics cited this song as proof that Oasis had returned to the form seen in the mid-’90s.

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