Madonna ‘Secret’ / Dir. Jonas Åkerlund

“I’m Going To Tell You A Secret”

It took one year to complete the process of this documentary for Madonna. Was she able to choose the best scenes? If we talk about the backstage scenes, then the answer is yes. They really show Madonna’s current lifestyle, her family life as a wife, mother and daughter. Her relationship with her band and dancers is very close, a touching moment is the beginning of the last show of the tour. Madonna obviously acts much less than in Truth or Dare, she’s all natural. The message of the movie is really nice and is dedicated to everyone.

Since the live DVD hasn’t been released yet, the fans looked forward to see the live performances in this movie. Even though they are perfectly filmed, all of them are heavily edited (except American Life, Hollywood and Lament), which is rather disappointing. There are 10 performances shown in the movie (plus The Beast Within in the opening credits), but the performance that was dedicated to all of Madonna’s fans on every single show (Crazy For You) is surprisingly and unfortunately left out.

The rest of the movie however is very well edited, perfectly blending in a maximum of Madonna’s music to create the right vibe.

I’m Going To Tell You A Secret is must-see for every fan, even only to see how much Madonna has changed (in a good way) since 1990.

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