Boiler Room “Keep Bristol Weird” / Dir. Hugo Jenkins

Hugo Jenkins’ new documentary for Boiler Room and The British Council offers an intimate look at the artists, promoters, and collectives at the heart of Bristol’s creative community.

The 21-min doc features artists and collectives like Idle Hands supremo Chris Farrell, the Young Echo crew, Bad Tracking, Mix Nights, Giant Swan, Batu, Hodge, Danielle, E B U, Ossia, Franco Franco & Kinlaw, and the inimitable Noods Radio.

As one of the most musically important and historically significant cities in the UK, Bristol remains fiercely independent, championing DIY culture and community spirit. ‘Keep Bristol Weird’ tracks the city’s musical history, from its Caribbean influence and soundsystem culture, to the grassroots and experimental collectives shaping the sounds of the city today.

Wanting to pay homage to Bristol’s culture, Hugo “went in quite blind in order to try and figure out why the city produces such eclectic sounds, and came out with an eclectic film.”

The documentary also features illustrations and animations from Black Dog Films/BFI Future Film Festival Award winner, Alice Bloomfield.

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