A selected assortment of recent happenings.

Shooting a Chinese Superstar in Eastern Europe with TIM NACKASHI

Post Date - [ 12.02.2015 ]

The end of 2014 was a whirlwind for us at Black Dog, as director Tim Nackashi knows. After all, we traveled halfway across the world to shoot a Chinese superstar in a country where neither of us knew the language all that well.

Your Essential Black Dog Grammy Recap

Post Date - [ 09.02.2015 ]

Between Beyonce’s snub, Pharrell’s new hat, Iggy’s hair, Kristen Wiig’s ‘Chandelier’ performance for Sia, and Madonna’s derrière, the 57th Annual Grammy Awards sure were a meme-orable one. Huge congratulations to recent Black Dog collaborators Beyonce and…

RYAN HOPE Slays It In One Take For SAM SMITH

Post Date - [ 05.02.2015 ]

Sam Smith’s newest video is a luxe and moody affair thanks to the stunning work of director Ryan Hope. This clip moves through a single, emotive shot as the singer’s tune ‘Lay Me Down’ off his…

Ben Mor’s Os Gemeos (The Twins) Premieres!

Post Date - [ 03.02.2015 ]

Ben Mor’s experimental short film Os Gemeos (The Twins) premiered last week at Flux. It’s an incredible journey with two of the best street artists in the world, Brazilian twins who have changed the landscape of street art in Sao Paulo and beyond.

Black Dog x COACHELLA 2015

Post Date - [ 07.01.2015 ]

In case you haven’t heard, the Coachella lineup is out, people! And our friends and collaborators are all over it.

New Years Resolution Inspiration Courtesy of Declan Whitebloom and Taylor Swift

Post Date - [ 18.12.2014 ]

It’s a #TBT so we’re taking this one out of the vault in honor of the upcoming New Year.

Black Dog x The Grammys

Post Date - [ 09.12.2014 ]

Grammy nominations were announced on Friday and we are beyond excited about the number of Black Dog collaborators included among the nominees.


Post Date - [ 24.11.2014 ]

It’s always nice to work with old friends again, which is why we couldn’t be happier to roll up our sleeves and get to work with the one and only David Dobkin.

Welcome Executive Producer Melinda Kelly!

Post Date - [ 18.11.2014 ]

We are excited to welcome Executive Producer Melinda Kelly to Black Dog Films. Melinda’s expansive experience in the industry on record, creative and production sides will no doubt be an asset to our incredible roster of directors and exciting upcoming videos.

ANTONY CROOK Ventures To Japan For Mr Porter

Post Date - [ 11.11.2014 ]

Black Shadow is the subject of Mr Porter’s latest branded film courtesy of our own Antony Crook. In case you haven’t heard of Black Shadow we’ll bring you up to speed on them and Zim, the lead in our film, “A Saturday With Zim From Black Shadow.”

Join the TRIBE of Theophilus London and TIM NACKASHI

Post Date - [ 07.11.2014 ]

You’ve got to hand it to him – Theophilus London’s got style. You can see that style on full display in his new video, “Tribe,” directed by the always-flawless Tim Nackashi, which premiered in The New York Times yesterday.

SARAH CHATFIELD Has Us Smiling For Mikky Ekko

Post Date - [ 06.10.2014 ]

Sarah Chatfield takes us on an emotional, cinematic journey with Mikky Ekko on the just-released video for “Smile,” the latest single off his upcoming album (to be released later this month).

All About Hilary Duff and DECLAN WHITEBLOOM

Post Date - [ 25.09.2014 ]

Declan Whitebloom does it again with our girl Hilary Duff for her new single, “All About You.”

One Take Music Videos – Yeah, We Got This

Post Date - [ 12.09.2014 ]

Music.Mic released their list of 11 one-take music videos that show just how incredible music videos can be and of course, our directors made an impressive showing (we’re looking at you Tim Nackashi and Declan Whitebloom).


Post Date - [ 04.09.2014 ]

Let us introduce you to our new favorite Australian pop diva, Betty Who. Or wait, let us let Adam Powell introduce you to her, in his latest music video “Somebody Loves You.”

Sam Jones And A Camera. What More Do You Need?

Post Date - [ 21.08.2014 ]

In honor of Emmy season – the show is this coming Monday, not Sunday (because of the VMAs – more on that later) – we’re taking a beat to revisit some of our favorites of the remarkable Sam Jones.

Our Summer in GIFs

Post Date - [ 14.08.2014 ]

It’s been a crazy, wonderful, busy, and perfect summer for us over here at Black Dog, and we thought that there’s no better way of recapping it then with a GIF guide.

MICHAEL MULLER x Shark Week: We’re Shaking In Our Flippers

Post Date - [ 13.08.2014 ]

Nobody does Shark Week like Michael Muller. We know it and so does the Discovery Channel, as they’ve given Michael free reign over their Instagram account for the week.

Yeah Of Course, BEYONCE Is A Video Vanguard!

Post Date - [ 12.08.2014 ]

MTV just announced that Beyonce will be receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the upcoming VMAs (later this month). To that we say: uh yeah duh, have you seen her videos? We should know, our fabulous directors are behind several of them.

Give Us Some Of That Agent Provocateur by CHRISTIAN LARSON!

Post Date - [ 06.08.2014 ]

Christian Larson is dishing out the sexy for Agent Provocateur. Their Fall/Winter 2014 print campaign is out now! The whole thing was shot by our own Christian, and it’s just enough naughty to get you through your Tuesday.

Your Summer Anthem: Hilary Duff’s “Chasing The Sun” directed by DECLAN WHITEBLOOM

Post Date - [ 30.07.2014 ]

If, like us, you’ve been waiting with baited breath for Hilary Duff’s comeback, you’re in luck because it’s here and it’s directed by our own Declan Whitebloom.

Let’s All Be Seduced By BANKS and Barnaby Roper

Post Date - [ 29.07.2014 ]

Barnaby Roper and BANKS are back and better than ever. You’ll remember the debut of the video for “BRAIN” and how gorgeous the imagery was, dark and effervescent?

CYRCLE Lands in Eastern Europe

Post Date - [ 24.07.2014 ]

CYRCLE murals have been popping up all over Eastern Europe as part of their continuing “OVERTHRONE!” series.


Post Date - [ 18.07.2014 ]

VMA nominations came out today, and it wouldn’t be another year without some Black Dog recognition.


Post Date - [ 11.07.2014 ]

We love when our directors love our directors. Not just themselves, but the other incredible creatives we get to work with. Let’s just all love each other.

We’re Having All The Fun With The Presets, BARNABY ROPER, And Google Play

Post Date - [ 03.07.2014 ]

Barnaby Roper is kicking it up a notch or five in his latest music video/interactive experience with The Presets and Google Play. “No Fun” is the world’s first six-sized interactive music video, a completely new experiment in storytelling from Google Play.


Post Date - [ 01.07.2014 ]

Gutentag to you all. CYRCLE hits Munich in a big way, transforming one of the city’s housing projects with the latest in their Overthrone! series alongside Positive Propaganda.

We’re Behind A Quarter Of The Most Controversial Music Videos Of All Time

Post Date - [ 26.06.2014 ]

In a recent list of the most controversial music videos of all time, we’re stoked to say that our directors are behind a quarter of them.


Post Date - [ 04.06.2014 ]

Sometimes when we are hanging around the office, we like to play a little game called “where in the world are the CYRCLE boys at?” We just got word from Davey and Ra Bi that they are painting the town red (literally) for Artscape Festival 2014 in Malmo, Sweden

Adam Powell’s Day Out in Brighton for Example’s “One More Day (Stay With Me)”

Post Date - [ 27.05.2014 ]

If only we could spend every day playing hooky through the streets of Brighton, playing games and riding bumper cars on the pier, shotgunning beers, eating fish and chips at local diners where we run into Elliot (Example) and then dancing our asses off at his show with backstage tickets that night.

TBT: Taking It Back To 2009 With JAKE SCOTT And Lily Allen

Post Date - [ 22.05.2014 ]

Lily Allen is back! We can’t wait for her upcoming tour, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to revisit Lily five years ago, when our own founder Jake Scott directed the video for “22.”

BEN MOR! JLO! PIT BULL! Brazil! The World Cup! What More Could You Want?

Post Date - [ 19.05.2014 ]

We are so excited to share with you the latest and greatest from Ben Mor, which took us to Brazil to celebrate the World Cup with Ben Mor, JLO, Pitbull, and Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte.


Post Date - [ 08.05.2014 ]

It’s hard to forget our latest music video for Brooke Candy, but we’ll remind you about it anyway. Well now, the viral diva’s EP is out for you to go buy with five new tracks: Opulence (see our video), Pop Rock, Bed Squeak, Feel Yourself, and Godzillionaire.

BROOKE CANDY Goes OPULENT for Steven Klein

Post Date - [ 29.04.2014 ]

The wait is over. We’ve been teasing you with short trailers for a few weeks now, but Steven Klein’s “OPULENCE” for Brooke Candy is finally here, and we can promise you that it was well worth the wait.

Coachella is Over. Now What?

Post Date - [ 25.04.2014 ]

So Coachella is over. We’d be mourning it if we weren’t still recovering from it and reliving it through YouTube videos and SoundCloud clips. The problem is we’ve spent all of this time looking forward to Coachella, and now it’s finally happened. So onto the next one yes?

STEVEN KLEIN Photographs for EY! Magateen Issue 9 Cover

Post Date - [ 09.04.2014 ]

Remember a few months back when we clued you in to Steven Klein’s shoot with Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson for Candy Magazine? Yeah? Well EY! Magateen is owned and operated by the same people, and Steven Klein brought his genius to their ninth issue, styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Bringing STREET ART to COACHELLA (Just 8 Days Away!!)

Post Date - [ 03.04.2014 ]

The Coachella Walls brings street art to the Coachella Valley and “brings incredible energy to the street, and vibrancy to old dead walls…People of completely different backgrounds and cultures can stand in front of a piece of art and find community.”

LAWRENCE ROTHMAN’s April Residency at the Bootleg

Post Date - [ 27.03.2014 ]

What are you doing every Monday in April? We’ve got plans for you. Lawrence Rothman, who is signed to Floria Sigismondi’s Mamaroma Records, starts his residency at the Bootleg Theatre in LA next month.

DAWN (dir. Rose McGowan) Makes Sundance LONDON Debut!

Post Date - [ 25.03.2014 ]

Just announced, 21 movies, shorts and music events are hitting Sundance London’s film and music festival this April and the Black Dog produced Dawn is leading the pack! Directed by Rose McGowan, Dawn is a provocative look at a young girl’s budding sexuality in restrictive Kennedy-era America.


Post Date - [ 24.03.2014 ]

Our very own Adam Powell was interviewed for Status Magazine on what makes his brilliant music video directing mind tick, the skateboarding days, and his favorite project yet.

FLORIA SIGISMONDI Receives the Prism Prize Special Achievement Award This Sunday!

Post Date - [ 21.03.2014 ]

Floria Sigismondi has been announced as the inaugural Prism Prize Special Achievement Award recipient, which is presented to “a Canadian music video artist for their artistic achievements and exceptional contribution to music video art on a world stage.”


Post Date - [ 20.03.2014 ]

We’re taking you through a very Black Dog Coachella. Think of it like a Christmas Special, but better. Because this one has some hotter than hell weather, amazing music, and perfect Black Dog music videos to boot.

CYRCLE x AUDI: Uncompromised Portrait

Post Date - [ 17.03.2014 ]

CYRCLE and Audi have paired up, and as you can imagine, the result is awesome. As the guys explain it in the video, it’s really just all about: “creating as much as you can…respecting the blessing you have.”

BARNABY ROPER and BANKS Get Surreal With “Brain”

Post Date - [ 13.03.2014 ]

BANKS was one of the most anticipated acts at SXSW and we know why. Her new video directed by the incredibly talented Barnaby Roper basically sums it all up.

Leave The World Behind Premieres at SXSW TONIGHT!!

Post Date - [ 12.03.2014 ]

Our latest Black Dog production, “Leave The World Behind” premieres at SXSW tonight and you don’t want to miss it. Directed by Christian Larson, the documentary follows the final tour of Swedish House Mafia.

CYRCLE hits London for “OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign,” Their First Solo UK Show!

Post Date - [ 05.03.2014 ]

Those CYRCLE boys clearly don’t know the meaning of the word vacation. Fresh off painting murals in Hawaii (and Hong Kong before that!), they jetted off to London to present “OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign” which opens on Thursday at the StolenSpace Art Gallery.

FLORIA Awakens her Sun Goddess for THIERRY MUGLER

Post Date - [ 25.02.2014 ]

Floria Sigismondi’s latest fashion film, Alien, for French design house Thierry Mugler! The fragrance arrives on shelves March 17, but you can watch the brand campaign now.

Aloha from Hawaii! CYRCLE. and James Jean Hit Honolulu for Pow! Wow! Hawaii!

Post Date - [ 20.02.2014 ]

Fresh off painting buildings in Hong Kong, CYRCLE. jetted to Hawaii for Pow! Wow! Hawaii!, where alongside James Jean and a slew of other amazing artists, they painted the town red, green, blue, yellow, and so many non-plain colors.

PHARRELL Teases Us All With The Album Trailer for “G I R L” And It Makes Us So HAPPY!

Post Date - [ 19.02.2014 ]

Mark your calendars for March 3. Pharrell Williams’ new album “G I R L” drops, featuring “HAPPY,” which we just can’t get enough of.

Floria Sigismondi Directs a Glam Jamie Bochert for NewbarK

Post Date - [ 18.02.2014 ]

Floria Sigismondi brings her couture eye to coveted luxury brand NewbarK for their Fall 2014 fashion film. It’s semi-goth, all-so-elegant, and enviably dark in the way that only Ms. Sigismondi herself can do.

JESSE PERETZ Conquers Music Videos, TV, and GIRLS!

Post Date - [ 12.02.2014 ]

We love Jesse Peretz from his music videos for the Foo Fighters, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon. But if you haven’t been watching GIRLS every Sunday night on HBO, you’ve been missing out big time.

DECLAN WHITEBLOOM Nominated for an ACM AWARD for “Video of the Year!”

Post Date - [ 06.02.2014 ]

The Academy of Country Music announced their nominations for the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards and our very own Declan Whitebloom was among the coveted nominees!

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