A selected assortment of recent happenings.

Andy Hines Directs Kris Wu “Juice” for “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”

Post Date - [ 20.01.2017 ]

Kris Wu and Vin Diesel pull up and flex in an exclusive video premiere directed by Andy Hines. In a crisp, neon infused video, the new single “Juice” from rapper Kris Wu accompanies the film xXx: Return of…

“Hymn for the Weekend” Nominated for Best Music Video in iHeartRadio Music Awards

Post Date - [ 05.01.2017 ]

Coldplay’s “Hymn for the Weekend” directed by Ben Mor is nominated for Best Music Video in the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Coldplay’s colorful music video celebrating the vibrancy of Indian culture “Hymn for the Weekend” has…

Ben Mor directs Coldplay “Everglow”

Post Date - [ 09.12.2016 ]

A stripped down video showcasing Coldplay’s Chris Martin behind the piano, Director Ben Mor brings us an alluring visual for “Everglow”. After teasing us with an Instagram clip last month, Coldplay released the full video for “Everglow”…

Lukas Graham “7 Years” nominated for three Grammys

Post Date - [ 06.12.2016 ]

A huge congratulations to collaborator Lukas Graham and “7 Years” for receiving not one, but three nominations in the 2016 Grammys. Nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance,…

Andy Hines directs powerful new video for Jim James “Here In Spirit”

Post Date - [ 18.11.2016 ]

A collaboration 15 years in the making, Andy Hines directs a moving new video for Jim James “Here In Spirit”. A truly powerful accompaniment to a song written after the Orlando shootings earlier this year, Andy…

Andy Hines directs Buddy “Shine”

Post Date - [ 15.11.2016 ]

Director Andy Hines creates a portrait of up and coming rapper Buddy in his new video “Shine”. In the much anticipated music video for Buddy’s new single “Shine”, director Andy Hines gives us a glimpse inside…

Take Five with…Aya Tanimura

Post Date - [ 08.11.2016 ]

With bedazzled bullhorn in hand, director Aya Tanimura has emerged with several gorgeous music videos in the past few months. From Bea Miller’s captivating “Yes Girl” video to Charlie Puth’s emotional “Dangerously video to her most…

René Sascha Johannsen directs Lukas Graham “You’re Not There”

Post Date - [ 04.11.2016 ]

Director René Sascha Johannsen  paints a vivid picture of absence in Lukas Graham’s latest video “You’re Not There”. In his third video for Danish pop group Lukas Graham, René Sascha Johannsen explores loss and moving forward. In…

Aya Tanimura directs Alessia Cara in “How Far I’ll Go”, music video to accompany Disney’s Moana

Post Date - [ 03.11.2016 ]

Telling a story of empowerment and artistry, “How Far I’ll Go” captures Alessia Cara as she sings to the ocean and simultaneously creates a masterpiece. Aya Tanimura does it again, this time bringing us to a gorgeous…

Aya Tanimura directs stunning new video for Charlie Puth “Dangerously”

Post Date - [ 02.11.2016 ]

In her latest video for Charlie Puth “Dangerously”, Aya Tanimura presents a story of heartache, reflection and a little bit of danger. In classic Aya style,  this video showcases the emotion and imagery behind the 24…

Taking it back 23 years with the classic Jake Scott film for R.E.M “Everybody Hurts”

Post Date - [ 26.10.2016 ]

It’s been over two decades since director Jake Scott touched our hearts with the iconic video for R.E.M “Everybody Hurts”, the video that reminds us all to “hold on.” Originally released on October 26, 1993, the…

Sean Evans brings Roger Waters’ extravagant visuals to Desert Trip 2016

Post Date - [ 20.10.2016 ]

After directing Roger Waters: The Wall in 2014, Black Dog director Sean Evans extended his tour visuals to what many considered the best performance of the once in a life time experience that was Desert Trip. Located…

Carlos Lopez Estrada mocks Trump with Tecate beer ad

Post Date - [ 17.10.2016 ]

Carlos Lopez Estrada lampoons the absurdity of Donald Trump’s political policy.

David Dobkin Directs Maroon 5 video “Don’t Wanna Know”

Post Date - [ 14.10.2016 ]

Making its premiere on an unheard of 24 hour loop on a billboard in Times Square, David Dobkin’s latest video for Maroon 5 “Don’t Wanna Know” is completely different than anything the band has ever done…in…

Take Five with…Andy Hines

Post Date - [ 05.10.2016 ]

Ladies and gentlemen, Andy Hines is on fire. These past few months have been graced by summer anthem videos like Jason Derulo’s “Kiss the Sky”, literal flames in “Ballin” by Juicy J feat. Kanye, and a groovy, neon…

Brilliant colors and expression dance through Andy Hines’ latest video for Busted “On What You’re On”

Post Date - [ 30.09.2016 ]

Releasing their first single in over a decade, Busted’s new video for “On What You’re on” will have you hooked. Andy Hines gives us another dose of his cinematic and colorful edge with the video for…

“Ballin” New Video directed by Andy Hines for Juicy J feat. Kanye

Post Date - [ 29.09.2016 ]

Juicy J and Kanye West are on fire on and off the court in the newest video directed by Andy Hines presented by Tidal.   This hard hitting video for rap royalty Juicy J featuring Kanye…

Step into a wild night with Terence Neale’s newest video for Die Antwoord “Banana Brain”

Post Date - [ 07.09.2016 ]

Die Antwoord stay true to their insane aesthetic in their video for “Banana Brain”. A party scene oozing with neon paint, gun flashes, and rebellion, the latest video co-directed by Terence Neale and the group’s male…

Bea Miller’s “Yes Girl” directed by Aya Tanimura

Post Date - [ 25.08.2016 ]

Aya Tanimura’s new video for Bea Miller’s “Yes Girl” has us unraveling at the seams. In a white box, trapped and alone, Bea Miller fights with herself through the lyrics of this gorgeous ballad. Directed by…

Tim Nackashi directs Goldroom’s “Lying to You”

Post Date - [ 23.08.2016 ]

A tale of art, ocean, intimacy, and lies, Goldroom’s video for “Lying to You” directed by Tim Nackashi makes a splash. With a tropical retrowave vibe, Tim Nackashi brings us an late summer afternoon narrative of a…

Andy Hines Brings Us to Paradise in Jason Derulo’s “Kiss the Sky”

Post Date - [ 12.08.2016 ]

In his latest video for Jason Derulo’s new song “Kiss the Sky”, director Andy Hines has us wishing we were poolside, soaking up the sun. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a poolside dance party with tropical floral shirts,…

Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen directs Elton John in “A Good Heart”

Post Date - [ 11.07.2016 ]

For the first time in 11 years, Elton John appears in his own music video with his heart on his sleeve. The uplifting video, directed by Black Dog’s Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, features Elton on his trademark grand…

Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and Terence Neale win Cannes Gold Lions

Post Date - [ 28.06.2016 ]

Their visual storytelling and creative edge was recognized and rewarded at this year’s Awards. 

Andy Hines wins three Cannes Lions

Post Date - [ 27.06.2016 ]

The director’s TriBeCa Film Festival spot won a Silver and two Bronze Lions at the 2016 awards.

Watch Tim Nackashi’s short film for Ray-Ban

Post Date - [ 17.06.2016 ]

A visually dynamic experimental short, commissioned for the iconic eyewear label’s #ItTakesCourage campaign.

LA Times declares Aya Tanimura’s ‘Crush the Skull’ the most thrilling thriller

Post Date - [ 17.05.2016 ]

The Black Dog director adds feature producer to her list of talents, with a horror film that’s “destined for cult status.”

Catching up with director Andy Hines

Post Date - [ 12.05.2016 ]

We find out what inspires Andy, what makes him happy, and what he’s watching on repeat right now.

René Sascha Johannsen joins Black Dog Films

Post Date - [ 25.04.2016 ]

We’re thrilled to announce that René is the newest addition to our director roster!

Tim Nackashi directs Pentatonix and Jason Derulo in a colorful video for “If I Ever Fall In Love”

Post Date - [ 18.04.2016 ]

Heaven-sent harmonies are accompanied by gorgeous visuals in Tim Nackashi’s new video for Pentatonix.

Toby Dye is Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick at Somerset House

Post Date - [ 14.04.2016 ]

The new art and music exhibition at Somerset House opens this June and will include a spectacular installation piece from Toby Dye alongside work from Anish Kapoor, Michael Nyman, Daft Punk and more.

Andy Hines directs Beyoncé protégées Chloe x Halle in ‘Drop’

Post Date - [ 07.04.2016 ]

The teen sister duo have a luxe new video for the debut jam.

Aya Tanimura selected for Sundance Institute’s first Virtual Reality Storytelling Lab

Post Date - [ 30.03.2016 ]

The VR Storytelling Lab is a joint effort between Sundance Institute’s Diversity Initiative and New Frontier Story Lab with Google/YouTube to share the craft and tools of this emerging medium. 

Watch Clement Oberto’s stunning short film for Rubber B

Post Date - [ 30.03.2016 ]

A Timeless Love Affair defines the luxury, adventure, and affection the brand encompasses.

Interview: Director Ben Mor talks Coldplay, Beyoncé and the making of ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

Post Date - [ 29.01.2016 ]

We recently sat down with Ben Mor to find out about working with some of the biggest pop stars on the planet and how he executed his stunning vision to make the surreal real.

‘Hymn For The Weekend’ is the Coldplay, Beyoncé music video that dreams are made of

Post Date - [ 29.01.2016 ]

Ben Mor’s creativity knows no bounds. Consider this video a love letter to India and to the beautiful people of Mumbai, Delhi and Worli Village.

Rest in Peace, David Bowie

Post Date - [ 11.01.2016 ]

We’re forever grateful for his music, and very appreciative to have been able to collaborate with him in our lifetime.

LunchMoney Lewis finds out Baddie Winkle Ain’t Too Cool To Dance

Post Date - [ 11.12.2015 ]

The senior citizen benefits are all ours in Aya Tanimura’s latest video for LunchMoney Lewis.

Ryan Pallotta and Shawn Mendes Know What You Did Last Summer

Post Date - [ 20.11.2015 ]

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s emotional duet has been given the Ryan Pallotta treatment!

Sean Evans directs a landmark live performance of Schoenberg’s “Erwartung” in Times Square

Post Date - [ 13.11.2015 ]

The first ever live opera shown in Times Square was produced by Black Dog and directed by the exceptionally talented, Sean Evans.

Ridley Scott to be Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Post Date - [ 05.11.2015 ]

Congratulations to our founder, a well-deserved star indeed.

Declan Whitebloom directs intimate video for Jess Glynne’s “Take Me Home”

Post Date - [ 05.11.2015 ]

A powerful and intimate representation of the single from her debut album I Cry When I Laugh.

Watch Gwen Stefani’s emotional performance in “Used To Love You”

Post Date - [ 26.10.2015 ]

Get ready to feel feelings! Sophie Muller directs the pop icon in this emotive new video.

DED! from director Carlos Lopez Estrada has opened in Los Angeles

Post Date - [ 12.10.2015 ]

It’s an original multimedia play inspired by the Mexican tradition of Día De Los Muertos.

Best Music Videos of September

Post Date - [ 06.10.2015 ]

Watch and enjoy.

Catching up with Clément Oberto

Post Date - [ 10.09.2015 ]

We caught up with the talented director to talk about what’s good, what’s new, and what he’s missing most since moving from Paris to Los Angeles.

Declan Whitebloom Collaborates with Banksy on Dismaland

Post Date - [ 20.08.2015 ]

It’s being billed as “a chaotic new world where you can escape from mindless escapism,” and it’s now open.

Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj are ‘Back Together’ in New Music Video From Ben Mor

Post Date - [ 13.08.2015 ]

Step back in time and take a dip in a crystal clear pool with Robin Thicke, in the latest music video from Ben Mor.

Ryan Pallotta and David Dobkin Earn 2015 MTV VMA Nominations

Post Date - [ 21.07.2015 ]

We’re very proud to announce that Black Dog are amongst the list of this year’s nominees!

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On The Run” Special Earns Emmy Award Nomination

Post Date - [ 17.07.2015 ]

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jonas Åkerlund, and the entire team behind On The Run.

Jonas Akerlund x Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj with “Bitch I’m Madonna”

Post Date - [ 18.06.2015 ]

Madge’s newest clip for her latest single “Bitch I’m Madonna,” from her Rebel Heart album had debuted online and it’s wild!

Christian Larson x Icona Pop with “Emergency”

Post Date - [ 17.06.2015 ]

The Swedish pop duo’s latest video, directed by fellow Stockholm-native Christian Larson, sees the pair getting super freaky for their triumphant new track.

Christian Larson Directs Cartier’s Glamorous “Paris Nouvelle Vague”

Post Date - [ 10.06.2015 ]

Swedish director Christian Larson depicts nightlife, color, style and beauty in this director’s cut for Cartier’s “Paris Nouvelle Vague” celebration.

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