Michael Muller-ize Your Photos with the #MULLERPHOTO App

24.01.2013 - Posted by : Black Dog

Now even those who’ve never snapped a shutter can take Michael Muller-esque masterpieces!  The #MULLERPHOTO app allows us mere iPhone-wielding mortals to emulate Michael Muller’s signature style, like the now-iconic images he has created for the Avengers, Captain America, Ironman, Spiderman, X-men and Sons of Anarchy.

The  app was meticulously developed using a first-of-its-kind mixing pad which allows for layers of countless blending variations and light leaks.  #MULLERAPP also offers an additional five style packs available for download, all of which allow you to capture Muller’s most distinctive visual treatments with a single gesture.

Head over to iTunes to download the #MULLERAPP app and start shooting like a Hollywood pro…just don’t expect the celebrity portraits and Vanity Fair covers to follow suit quite yet.


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