Ben Mor makes and Britney “Scream and Shout”

11.12.2012 - Posted by : Black Dog is back, this time alongside the legendary Ms. Britney Spears, with another sensational video directed by our very own Ben Mor. For the club-ready track, Mor directed the pop stars  (and their computer-generated clones) looking fierce against sleek, futuristic backgrounds with one word in mind: “iconic.”

Mor explains his vision for the collaboration between and the video legend, “It was about trying to show some youth culture. To us, we both like what’s going on with all the GIF madness. GIFs are kind of like the new photos. The whole video is like hundreds of GIFs put together, if you will.”

And fans are screaming and shouting right along; just two weeks after premiering on X Factor, the video has already reached over 25 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube. That makes Mor’s “Scream and Shout” the second most-watched video after Gangham Style!

Watch the visual feast and read more of Mor’s interview with MTV here!

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