11.12.2012 - Posted by : Black Dog

As we celebrate the launch of our new Black Dog website and 15 years of creating iconic work (!), it’s the perfect time to celebrate another exciting project we’ve been up to with the groundbreaking L.A. art collective CYRCLE.  Continuing our industry-unifying crossover between the art, music, and advertising, Black Dog is thrilled to team up with CYRCLE to produce their second solo show, ORGANIZED CHAOS!   With divisions in production, film, music, documentaries, and photography, Black Dog Founder Jake Scott explains the progression towards forming an arts division to nurture and produce exhibits for artists like CYRCLE, “After fifteen years of producing some of the industry’s top music videos, we are excited to see what this latest venture into the art world will produce. These guys are tapped into the art scene in a way that inspires and compliments the work that we do here at Black Dog.”

The ORGANIZED CHAOS!  combines interactive artwork, functional design pieces, sculpture, murals, and new technology. The show’s conceptual theme relies on a metaphor of intertwined relation between bee and flower to illuminate the symbiosis between art and society. In a physical manifestation of CYRCLE.’s signature brand of chaos, the viewer will be encouraged to become the bee (buzzing encouraged!) and to initiate order within the chaos of human movement occurring within the show. In turn, the participation creates a type of performance art within the actual pieces of the show itself.

It’s fitting that our foray into the arts sector is producing something that defies the boundaries of an archetypical gallery show (defying boundaries is something we may know a thing about…) What also makes ORGANIZED CHAOS! so quintessentially Black Dog are the collaborations with top creatives from various areas of expertise.  Architect Hunter Leggitt designed the honeycomb look of the gallery and supervised the build-out of the space, which was housed at the innovative Joan Scheckel Filmmaking Lab at 6608 Lexington Avenue.  Mike Russek from 1028 Designs was brought in to fabricate the laser-cutting of the woodwork under the supervision of the artists.  Black Dog was joined by music video director/choreographer Fatima Robinson and producer Rhea Scott in co-producing the show.

ORGANIZED CHAOS! Operating Hours 12/1 through 12/16

11-6pm T, W, Th, and Sunday

11-9pm Friday and Saturday

Closed Mondays


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