Christian Lamb Shoots Visceral Photo Essay of Burning Man 2019

17.09.2019 - Posted by : James Campbell

Black Dog director/photographer Christian Lamb landed in Black Rock City, NV, shortly after wrapping a concert film he shot for OneRepublic in Red Rocks, CO. Ever the prolific storyteller, Christian picked up his Canon 5D Mark III and started to document the scene at Burning Man. We caught up with him for insights about this year’s countercultural phenomenon which hosted tens of thousands of “burners” over the last week of August. 

“Burning Man has always been a convergence of so many things,” Christian explained. “It’s always difficult to put into words what it is and what it feels like as it’s such a unique experience for every single person who attends it. You’ll inevitably make it your own. It is by far the most visceral event on the planet, the amount of artistry and creativity poured into it never cease to amaze me. The craftsmen and artisans, the musicians and DJ’s, the variety of camps and installations is astounding, and ever inspiring. It’s such a sprawling city, Black Rock, one that springs from nothing, and one you can never truly see all of. But that’s the beauty of it, it keeps unfolding, unwinding, in different ways, and differently every year. “

“What started out as a pipe dream, making this year’s Burning Man, ended semi coherent covered in dust. Which was just what the doctor ordered. Equal parts heat, sleep, mezcal, bass and ramen. All one really needs. Even though I ended up coming in late midweek it was well worth the ride. This wasn’t exactly the vacation I’d been planning but it was perfect in every other way.”

“A long overdue reunion that kept on going, mixing back in with the slew of lunatics and nomads I sometimes only get to see once a year. The Playa seems to be the one place to catch them all, from every corner of the globe. I’d wanted some great music, some art and the adventure of it all but more than that, some proper family time. And this album is just that mix. Thanks as always to everyone who stepped in front of my lens. This was a few days under the sun and stars, BM19.”

You can see Christian’s photo essay in its entirety here.

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