Meet Black Dog’s New Executive Producer Julia Ochsenreiter and Rep Molly Bohas

24.10.2018 - Posted by : Richard Tranley

Welcoming experts in entertainment and culture to the growing family

We take pride in our multi-disciplinary team of creatives and our reputation for producing breakthrough content for emerging and established artists. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that Vox Media and Vice Media alum Julia Ochsenreiter has joined the company as Executive Producer! With experience creating for Millennial and Gen Z audiences, her focus will be on cultivating opportunities to tell stories for the younger generation across music, art, fashion and social issues, and developing new directorial talent.

Previously, Julia’s worked with top musical artists including Adele, J Cole, One Direction and Beyoncé, and media partners MTV, VH1 and BET. She’s also helped launch initiatives such as Vice News and the YouTube Music Awards directed by Spike Jonze and Chris Milk!

“With her background producing for tastemakers like Vox and Vice Media, Julia brings great experience and insights about creating content for youth culture across today’s most relevant media platforms,” says David Mitchell, Managing Director, RSA Films. “She also has a great track record working with leading labels, artists and directors. She’s a perfect fit for Black Dog and we’re excited to have her lead the charge!”

As we expand our crew, we’re also continuing to produce different types of work including documentaries, branded content, short films, photography, and experiential content. To help us on this front, we’ve brought on music industry trailblazer Molly Bohas of Secret Door to represent the Black Dog US roster. We’re excited to bring her experience and relationships with labels, publishers, brands, artists, and pioneering directors to the table.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Molly on board representing Black Dog,” Ochsenreiter comments. “Her experience and accomplishments speak for themselves. She’s a great addition and we look forward to the opportunities in music video and non-traditional content she’ll cultivate for our directors and help develop with us.”

Looking forward to whats to come with these new additions to the Black Dog Family. Stay tuned!

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