BTS of Mura Masa’s “Move Me” ft. Octavian, Directed by Yoni Lappin

27.06.2018 - Posted by : Richard Tranley

When it comes to creative chemistry, Director Yoni Lappin and Mura Masa have it on lock. Their approach to blending musical energy with visual storytelling results in something that fans have come to know, love and look forward to.

“I think something that me and Yoni as an artist-director duo have always wanted to do is an authentic, British rap video set in London,” Mura Masa tells The Fader. “and when this track happened we knew what we had on our hands.”

Their most recent collaboration produced by Prettybird, “Move Me” features British rapper Octavian, who’s shown gallivanting around his hometown streets of London with his crew in a moving portrait style. Simple, but shot with Yoni’s signature combination of grit and finesse. On top of directing the music video, he also personally captured these behind-the-scenes photographs on set with the same vision.

Mura Masa continues, saying “Yoni is amazing at taking a concept and spinning it on its head and I love how this is essentially a hood video made for Cannes. We shut down a whole street, invited Octavian’s friends down and captured the moment.”

Occasionally you have a team that makes the behind-the-scenes look just as sick as the actual production. Yoni and Mura Masa definitely fall in that category. Enjoy some more shots below, and check out more of his work on his reel.

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