Black Dog Films Joins The Ridley Scott Creative Group

12.06.2018 - Posted by : Richard Tranley

We’re no strangers to big events in the entertainment industry, especially with our directors working with industry giants, landing multiple grammy noms, and winning a few awards at that, but today we’ve got some huge news. Ridley Scott has officially joined the forces of his creative powerhouses under one roof, including our very own Black Dog Films family alongside RSA Films, Scott Free Productions, 3AM and Darling Films.

Introducing The Ridley Scott Creative Group: “An initiative to unify the capabilities of the companies, harness the remarkable legacy and brand that Ridley Scott has driven for the last 50 years and to align a future-facing organisation that will continue to innovate creativity.” – Luke Scott, Global CEO of the Ridley Scott Creative Group.

The change comes from the fact that the modern audience is migrating away from traditional broadcast entertainment (aka the millennials who never bothered to “cable up”), and would now rather stay home, order a pizza and “Netflix and chill.”

“We are in a new golden age of entertainment. The world’s greatest brands, platforms, agencies, new entertainment players and studios are investing hugely in entertainment. We have brought our talent, capabilities and creative resources together under the Ridley Scott Creative Group to enable us to maximize the creative opportunities we now see unfolding.” – Ridley Scott

We’re stoked on the next chapter for this insanely talented family, and can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

Stay tuned.

Check out The Ridley Scott Creative Group here:

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