Director Andy Hines’ “1-800-273-8255” Nominated for “Best Music Video” Grammy

05.12.2017 - Posted by : Richard Tranley
Photo Courtesy of Rap Caviar

Earlier this year, Director Andy Hines took on what he called “the most important project of his life.” After releasing a powerful song addressing the youth’s struggles with acceptance, sexuality, and suicide, “1-800-273-8255”, rapper and songwriter Logic approached Andy and pitched his concept for what would become an equally powerful video.

Andy told Mass Appeal, “I got a lot of love for Logic and his team and Def Jam for really playing the long-game and not just making any random video for this project and instead really working together to create something much more special. It was a great group of people to do it with.”

The movie-like music video follows a young black homosexual teen falling into a dark place, contemplating his purpose, and then his suicide. As the song progresses, he seeks help and finds hope with the help of the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Hotline, as well as his friends and family.

“I think this project has spoken to people and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be able to write and direct something like this,” Hines said in an interview with CBC. “Every character in the video is someone that can watch it and see themselves.”

Over 165 million views later (on YouTube alone!), both Andy and Logic have received so much love for the messages they’ve helped spread, and now the music video has been nominated at the Grammy’s for “Best Music Video” of 2017! Not only that, but the track featuring Alessia Cara and Khalif is also up for “Song of the Year.”

Photo Courtesy of Rap Caviar

“I was speechless,” he told Halifax Today after receiving texts and calls from friends. “I still am.”

We couldn’t be more stoked for Andy, Logic, the producers at London Alley, and the rest of the crew that helped bring this to life. We’re wishing them the best of luck!

Check out more of his noteworthy work here.

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