Paloma Faith Releases Part II of Thomas James Collaboration

30.10.2017 - Posted by : James Campbell

Both ‘Crybaby’ and ‘Guilty’ showcase Thomas’ talent for narrative, with the latter picking up where Crybaby left off.

Still in the same totalitarian universe, ‘Guilty’ follows Paloma who watches on as males develop into their pre-destined positions of power. An over-riding sense of duty and guilt inhibits their plight, leading to the self-destructive climax.

Taking a speculative aim at ideas of patriarchy and privilege, the narrative of the two films follows an institution of sorts; in a world where influential males are bred, rather than elected. A Darwinian environment which punishes empathy, resulting in its own demise.

Both tracks are taken from Paloma’s forthcoming 4th album ‘The Architect’ out November 17th on RCA Records.

You can watch the first video for ‘Crybaby’, and more of Thomas’ work here.

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