Kyle Lewis, Kid Créme, and Jolyon Petch Escape to a Kingdom of Toys

07.09.2017 - Posted by : James Campbell

Kyle Lewis’ new video for house maestro Kid Créme is an extremely cuddly affair.

Filmed over three days in Cape Town, Boy in the Picture follows a destitute young boy as he salvages stuffed animals from a dump, before escaping to a kingdom of teddies.

It’s Kyle’s first production with Black Dog, and the shoot was used as an opportunity to train young South African filmmakers who came on board as trainees.

One of the shining lights of the 90’s house music scene, Kid Créme has spent the last decade alongside DJ & production partner Junior Jack, touring and headlining at the best venues & festivals worldwide. Boy in the Picture, a collaboration with House producer/DJ Jolyon Petch and singer Sian Evans, is an infectious, glimmering piece of pop and it’s on BBC Music rotation so expect to hear a lot more of it.

Check out more of Kyle’s work Here.

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