Jesse Peretz Directs Selena Gomez in “Bad Liar”

14.06.2017 - Posted by : Black Dog

Selena Gomez has our feelings on fire with this 70’s style music video

Pop music sweetheart Selena Gomez, has teamed up with Director and storyteller extraordinaire Jesse Peretz for her new video for “Bad Liar.” Known for his direction on iconic episodes for shows like Girls and Orange is the New Black, it should come as no surprise that his new video feels like a short film. The music video follows Selena through a day at school, where she’s constantly distracted by her gym teacher…who is flirting with her father…who she comes home to see with her mother. Oh, did we mention she’s playing all of these characters?

Sound familiar? The premise was definitely inspired by Jesse’s Grammy-winning music video for Foo Fighter’s “Learn to Fly.” Cue nostalgia.

But saying anything other than we love this video would make us a bad liar.

Get caught up in the love triangle above, and keep up with Jesse Peretz’s latest work here.

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