Black Dog Chat: Chino Moya

27.06.2017 - Posted by : Emily

When it comes to making banging content, the director’s vision carries the project from beginning to end. That’s why we wanted to peel back the curtain and find out what makes our Black Dog Directors tick.

Known for creating highly stylized and cinematic worlds, Chino Moya’s detailed approach to set design, styling and casting has become a trademark of his work. His surreal cult commercial for Drambuie Extraordinary Bar served as a visual metaphor for the depth and complexity of the drink. “Digital Witness,” a futuristic music video for 2015 Grammy winner St. Vincent landed in Time magazine, and was listed as one of the Best Videos of 2014 by both Rolling Stone and the Huffington Post. In addition to commercials and music videos, Chino’s short film Out of Here was shown in over 40 festivals worldwide.

Chino took a moment to chat with us about his favorites things, what he would bring with him on a deserted island and more. Check it out.

Favorite music video?

Obvious choices. Windowlicker, Come to daddy, Let forever be.

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you.

I like platypuses.

Beatles or Stones?

My daughter loves Yellow Submarine.

What would the title of your autobiography be?


What’s your hangover cure?

Water, coconut water.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

When it goes well.

You’re stranded on a desert island, and you’ve got one book. What is it?

The bible, War and peace, Karamazov Brothers… Any book with interesting and complex  stories and over a 1000 pages so I have more pages to read as I wait to be rescued.

How do you stay sane at the airport?

Reading or working.

What was your first/most embarrassing email address?

I’ve never changed since the whole thing started.

If you weren’t a Director what would you be?


Now you know a bit about Chino. Keep up with his latest work here.

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