Aya Tanimura Directs Shawn Hook “Reminding Me”

03.05.2017 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Director Aya Tanimura’s latest video for Shawn Hook featuring Vanessa Hudgens captures the beauty of heartbreak.

A steamy new video for  Shawn Hook, “Reminding Me” mixes Young Hollywood talent with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour. Shot in the renown  Sheats – Goldstein House (The Big Lebowski ), the video places the viewer in the midst of two young lovers reminiscing after an assumed break-up.  Combining gorgeous sweeping shots of the house in the hills with more intimate shots dripping with lust and lace,  Aya creates a beautiful portrait of young love lost.

“Reminding Me” is Shawn Hook’s first single of the year.

Indulge in the video above, and keep up with the latest and greatest from our Director Aya Tanimura here.

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