Erotic Power Rock From Mindhorn’s Richard Thorncroft

02.05.2017 - Posted by : James Campbell

You Can’t Handcuff the Wind, the new single from actor Richard Thorncroft (sexiest male tv detective 1998) is an erotic tour de force.

Richard Thorncroft is a very busy man, acting in and producing TV shows, driving motorcycles and taking up column inches with his high profile romances.

Primarily known for his work in the TV series Mindhorn, where he played a detective with a robotic eye, Richard now feels the urge to move into a new territory.

You Can’t Handcuff the Wind is the first single from his debut vinyl EP The Unadorned Truth.

“I like to think of it as erotic power rock” said Richard.”And make no mistake ‘handcuff’ is erotic, steamy and robust”.

Guitarist Terry Belmondo from jazz rock outfit Subtle Glance helped Richard write the music. Together they have fashioned a sinuous new style of music that feels classic yet futuristic, ageless yet, of the moment, primal but sexually intelligent.

Richard’s next project will be an album of Shakespeare and synthesizer. Find out more about the man behind Mindhorn HERE.

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