Andy Hines Directs Logic “Black Spiderman”

17.04.2017 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Swept up in a celebratory parade, Logic spreads acceptance and pride in his new video for “Black Spiderman.”

Director Andy Hines’ latest video for Logic’s new single “Black Spiderman” places us in the middle of a cinematic dance number. Taking on the classic film-making style of quintessential musicals and movies, the video follows Logic and his float laden with gospel singers through the streets of suburbia. As the song progresses, the parade gets larger, and onlookers (neighbors, shopkeepers, even the mailman) cannot help but join in the spectacle. Ending with a beautifully choreographed group scene, Andy Hines captures both the energy of the crowd and the spirit of the song.  The timeless video features the talented Damian Lemar Hudson throughout, as well as a pair of stoner cats that appear at the very end to discuss other famous figures that could be black. Meow.

“Black Spiderman” is the second track off of Logic’s upcoming Album Everybody, for which Andy Hines created a promo that you can watch here.  Everybody arrives May 5th.

Watch “Black Spiderman” above and keep up with Andy Hines’ work here.

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