Tim Nackashi Directs Missio “Middle Fingers”

30.03.2017 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

In a beautiful snapshot of chaos, Director Tim Nackashi captures the essence of rebellion for Missio’s alt-hit, “Middle Fingers.”

Broken glass, tear gas canisters and protest signs litter the empty streets. A young girl bashes in an boom box, while two young men dance amidst smoke and a fluttering, tattered flag. This is the stage that Director Tim Nackashi has carefully crafted for Missio’s Matt Brue and David Butler to perform on. The video oozes defiance and as Missio sings the final few bars, everyone comes together and appropriately, lifts their middle fingers in the air.

“Middle Fingers” is the second of three singles released by Missio, who are signed with RCA records. The song reached #1 on AltNation Alternative Radio and peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Alternative Charts.

Watch the new video above, and keep up with Tim Nackashi’s latest work here.

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