Sophie Edelstein Directs a Case of Shoedunnit for Charlotte Olympia

21.02.2017 - Posted by : James Campbell

Here’s looking at you, kid. Sophie Edelstein directs a classic case of shoedunnit for Charlotte Olympia.

To the backdrop of a classic film noir tale, Charlotte Olympia launches the Autumn Winter 2017 collection. There’s a victim, a detective, a heroine and one serious shoe plot to unravel. And so, the case begins.

The 12-minute film, An Accessory to Murder, draws on classic noir shots and dialogue, spinning a web of high heels, leopard print, and murder, along with some added anatomical humour.

The new collection was inspired by Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and Barbara Stanwyck and features retro-inspired monochromatic styles “a modern interpretation of 1940s silhouettes”. Find out more HERE.

And check out more of Sophie’s work HERE.

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