Laurie Lynch Captures London for “Minimalist Master” Kit Grill

02.02.2017 - Posted by : James Campbell

Laurie Lynch’s dystopian chase scene for London based producer Kit Grill nails the themes of Grill’s new EP.

We should give you a heads up – there’s a lot of flashing in this video.

Grill’s EP Westway, released late 2016, echoes the fast-paced repetitive rhythm of London, something Laurie has captured in the video for Street Runner, a brutalist ode to an industrial cityscape.

Grill has been hailed by the Independent as a “minimalist master”. He’s garnered further praise from the likes of Boiler Room and XLR8R.  And revered house producer Jacques Greene went as far as to tell Dummy, “If I had to compare Kit Grill to other artists, the more musical side of Steve Reich’s work and Koreless immediately come to mind. But I’d rather simply enjoy his music as this one solid argument for minimalism amongst all that busy noise.” So if minimalism is your bag this may be the genre’s magnum opus.

Check out more of Laurie’s work HERE.

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