Lyle Lindgren Documents Miami’s Gun War Crime

02.12.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell


Every December one hundred thousand people descend upon the Wynwood district of downtown Miami for the annual festival of Art Basel. Awash with street art and contemporary pop art, the festival draws in an eclectic audience from around the world. 

But beyond the aerosol adorned walls of the Wynwood district, lies a creative city that produces art and design all year round.
In a rough looking flea market in Hialeah, one small stands out amongst the nail booths, Studio X. Home to the R.I.P t-Shirt, a t-Shirt designed and worn in memoriam of the youths lost to Miami’s gun crime. Unlike his peers Studio X’s lead designer Phanor managed to outgrow the street life and see thirty.
Lyle Lindgren’s short follows Phanor as he tries to maintain a positive outlook and advise his teenage customers on a better path to follow.
Check out the full film over at Nowness.

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