Clipping, Watsky, and Shots for Carlos Lopez Estrada

17.11.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell

Carlos Lopez Estrada’s output is so prolific that sometimes even we struggle to keep up with him.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Grammy-winning director has dropped two new videos. One for clipping, and one for Watsky, and has even found time to put a playlist together for Shots, which you can check out HERE. Puts us to shame really.

The new videos are as visually inventive and original as we’ve come to expect from Carlos. Both sporting the underlying theme of guns, the Vimeo Staff Picked Shooter by clipping sees Daveed Digs take centre stage in a choreographed gun-fire routine, where as Watsky’s ‘Pink Lemonade’ was shot in more opportunistic circumstances.

“We had just filmed 2 videos for Watsky in Mexico City and our director of photography, Albert Salas, found himself back in New York, stuck in what seemed to be a terrorist attack. They later found out that the alleged gun fire had been the sound of a pistol signaling the start of an Olympic race, which was playing on multiple televisions at JFK.” CLE. With Watsky edited in it makes for harrowing stuff.

Check out more of Carlos’ work HERE.

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