Andy Hines directs powerful new video for Jim James “Here In Spirit”

18.11.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog

A collaboration 15 years in the making, Andy Hines directs a moving new video for Jim James “Here In Spirit”.

A truly powerful accompaniment to a song written after the Orlando shootings earlier this year, Andy Hines captures the essence of  compassion and support in Jim James’ new video “Here In Spirit”. The delicately styled video depicts comfort shared between between strangers. These interactions are set in the city streets, surrounded by the general public, cars and storefronts creating a powerful contrast between struggle and the intimate gestures of kindness. Jim James appears throughout in a dense forest, a quiet place to play his drums, lay in the grass and perform the song, while butterflies- a symbol of change and rebirth- flutter in his midst.

When asked about “Here In Spirit”, Jim James offered, “It’s a song about speaking out and trying to be there for people in spirit even if you can’t be at every rally and battle. We have such a duty to speak out for equality and for each other.”

“Here In Spirit” comes from Jim James’ recently released album Eternally Even from ATO and Capitol Records.

Speak out, be kind and enjoy the video above. Keep up with Andy Hines’ latest videos here.

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