Andy Hines directs Buddy “Shine”

15.11.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog

Director Andy Hines creates a portrait of up and coming rapper Buddy in his new video “Shine”.

In the much anticipated music video for Buddy’s new single “Shine”, director Andy Hines gives us a glimpse inside Buddy’s world. There is something about this young rapper that speaks to more than himself, something bigger while still being very self aware of his journey. The video brings us into Buddy’s home as he gets ready for the day, eating cereal while dancing to his own song, brushing his teeth, saying a prayer-cut in with events of the day to come. We watch as Buddy’s friends get wrongfully accused by the cops, he steps into a stairwell to practice his verses and  he joins friends cruising around the city, looking to the night sky. Through all of this, Buddy “still can’t help but shine”

“Shine” is the first single off of Buddy’s upcoming album expected to drop early next year. The 23 year old Compton native is signed to I Am Other and has been heard on singles with Jevon Doe, Asher Roth, BJ The Chicago Kid plus Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky’s “Way Hi” off Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends.

This catchy single and stunning video will be stuck in our heads for days. Enjoy the video above, and keep up with Andy Hines work here and on social


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