Aya Tanimura directs stunning new video for Charlie Puth “Dangerously”

02.11.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog

YouTube Preview Image

In her latest video for Charlie Puth “Dangerously”, Aya Tanimura presents a story of heartache, reflection and a little bit of danger.

In classic Aya style,  this video showcases the emotion and imagery behind the 24 year old’s soulful pop track “Dangerously”. In the video, Charlie Puth belts out the heartbreaking tale of a love lost. The scene is set through close up cuts between love torn eyes, plump lips and bruised knuckles. A recurring ghostlike appearances by a woman in white taunts Charlie as he sees her in his reflection. The memories of this former lover torment the anguished singer  leading up to a glass shattering climax that oozes heartache.

“Dangerously” comes from Charlie Puth’s most recent album Nine Track Mind released earlier this year by Atlantic Records.

Get caught in the crossfire of golden arrows in the video for Charlie Puth’s “Dangerously” and see more of Aya Tanimura’s work here.

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