Taking it back 23 years with the classic Jake Scott film for R.E.M “Everybody Hurts”

26.10.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog

It’s been over two decades since director Jake Scott touched our hearts with the iconic video for R.E.M “Everybody Hurts”, the video that reminds us all to “hold on.”

Originally released on October 26, 1993, the first few notes strike and emotional chord in the hearts of many as we are taken to the traffic jam on Interstate 10 in San Antonio Texas alongside the band members and many others.  Members of the band Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Michael Stipe and Mike Mills, are dressed in black suits, deep in thought as they drive up to the stalled traffic. As the lyrics begin, the thoughts of other people caught in the traffic are portrayed in text. A man thinks, “How’m I gonna do this?” A woman with bright lipstick thinks, “Look at me. Nobody can see me”. Another, “If I had a gun” And let us not forget the moment when Stipe leads the rest of the traffic dwellers out of their cars in a collective “Hold On” to end the video.  The sea of people leaving their cars in traffic is a scene we will never forget.

Enjoy the video above, and keep up with Jake’s latest work here.

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