Brilliant colors and expression dance through Andy Hines’ latest video for Busted “On What You’re On”

30.09.2016 - Posted by : Emily

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Releasing their first single in over a decade, Busted’s new video for “On What You’re on” will have you hooked.

Andy Hines gives us another dose of his cinematic and colorful edge with the video for “On What You’re On”. This time, he takes us to a neon-lit bar scene complete with pool table, lounging patrons, a house band (Busted), and an interpretive dancer. The video cuts between the hustle and bustle of a busy city and the chill bar atmosphere filled with the rhythm of pop guitar, all while following the whimsy and performance of a young woman. This young woman- Alexandra Marzella- is a New York based performance artist, dancer and selfie-embracer whose work is both physical and out-of-body. Between the shots of the bands upbeat yet seductive performance combined with Alexandra sprawled across a pool table mid shot, this video is nothing short of compelling.

When asked about the video, Andy Hines was eager to give praise to the talent involved, “It was very special how this project came together. Working with these guys for the first time couldn’t have been easier and having Alexandra Marzella alongside them was a dream come true for me.”

“On  What You’re On” is the first single that Busted has released in o9ver a decade. The song comes from their much anticipated third studio album, “Night Driver” which will be available November 11th. Slip into the dance and song that is “On What You’re On” above and see more of Andy Hines work here.

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