Watsky waxes lyrical on the Carloz Lopez-Estrada-directed Midnight Heart

10.08.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell

Watsky may not be a name you’re familiar with, but the young rapper is a past winner of the US National Youth Poetry Slam, has made appearances on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam, and has even worked with musician of the moment Anderson .Paak.

For Watsky’s latest single, ‘Midnight Heart’ .Paak returns as producer and Black Dog luminary Carlos Lopez Estrada comes into the fold on directing duties.

The boxing themed vid sees Watsky battle it out in the ring, the pummelling dished out on him fitting with the lyrical theme of perseverance. Of the video Watsky said “working on it was everything I love about being an artist– collaborating with a bunch of creative talents, committing fully, and coming together to make something awesome”. The song also features Mal Devisa singing the hook and making an appearance as the boxing announcer.

As you can imagine (being a Carlos Lopez Estrada video) there are some neat visuals tricks and plenty of nifty choreography. Check it out.

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