Carlos Lopez Estrada circles disorder for Kari Faux

26.07.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell

Dishes stacking up, TV on, fauna unloved, Carlos Lopez Estrada’s latest video for rapper Kari Faux is a classic homage to heartbreak by the way of a giant building-trashing double bass.

Shot for Arkansas born, LA based rapper Kari Faux, ‘Fantasy’ sees Carlos at his narrative one-shot best with the camera continually circling into scenes of chaos and disorder.

As part of LA collective Lela Project along with Donald Glover, Faux has just released her latest album ‘Lost En Los Angeles’. The rapper has an unashamedly honest approach to lyrics, something which resonates throughout her first mixtape ‘Laugh Now, Die Later’ and has even led to critics tagging her as having a “take no shit” attitude.

You can check out more of Faux’s tunes HERE and a recent interview with Dazed HERE. But beforehand, set aside half an hour to get lost in the world of Carlos Lopez Estrada.


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