William Kennedy Is Tropical

25.07.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell

Black pocket director William Kennedy captures the allure of bright lights big city US in his latest effort.

For the final track from their latest album Black Anything, indie rock four piece Is Tropical handed creative reigns over to London-based director and cinematographer William Kennedy.

The director pieces together a collage of youth and contemplation in another considerate and meditative addition to his reel.

“I made this film at a turning point in my life. I met someone and I dropped everything to be with her, thousands of miles from home. This was my way of coming to terms with the past and allowing myself to be happy.”

William has previously directed videos for Holy Esque and Flora Tropics and worked with award-winning director Adam Smith on the acclaimed Chemical Brother’s Born in the Echoes tour visuals.

You can check out his reel HERE.

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