Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen directs Elton John in “A Good Heart”

11.07.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog
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For the first time in 11 years, Elton John appears in his own music video with his heart on his sleeve.

The uplifting video, directed by Black Dog’s Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, features Elton on his trademark grand piano and many interweaving stories of love. From  young, explosive, biracial lovers, to a lesbian couple working through intimacy issues, to an older couple coming to terms with the ailments of aging- the idea of universal love radiates from each scene.

In a world badly in need of hope, the focus of this video was placed on a surge of love, bravery and compassion. “At this time in all our lives, when the world is changing so rapidly and we’re all trying to make sense of everything, I think it’s important to remember that it’s not politicians, it’s not money and it’s not fame which make the world go round — it’s love,” Elton John told NPR. “It’s something that is so easy to forget. I wanted to reflect that in this song and video.”

Complete with a “Love Bravery” heart pin on his lapel,  and a soothing melody that will ring in your head for days, Elton’s iconic presence reminds us that love can conquer all. Watch Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen’s video for Elton’s “A Good Heart” above now!

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