Toby Dye creates Kubrick-inspired installation with UNKLE

05.07.2016 - Posted by : James Campbell

In 1998 Stanley Kubrick agreed to direct a music video for UNKLE’s Lonely Souls (ft. Richard Ashcroft). He sadly died before he could complete the project.

Now, nearly 20-years later UNKLE’s James Lavelle, with the blessing of Kubrick’s estate, has curated an exhibition featuring a host of contemporary artists, filmmakers, and musicians showcasing works inspired by Stanley Kubrick.

And so the video that never was finally has an ending. For the show’s centrepiece Black Dog Films’ Toby Dye devised and directed The Corridor, a groundbreaking film installation set to Lonely Souls and designed to provide viewers with a spectacular immersive experience at the heart of the exhibition.

Starring Joanna Lumley and Aidan Gillen, the installation features four distinct films in which four narratives bleed into one another, crossing Kubrickian corridors as they weave together a disorientating, hypnotic tale of control, violence and a doomed cycle of power.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 14.36.14

For me, the unblinking red eye of 2001 A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000 perfectly encapsulates the cinema of Stanley Kubrick. For all his films share that same coolly analytical gaze, studying from afar mankind and all its many foibles. Kubrick’s camera never appeared to follow the action, it was as if it moved of its own accord and the tableau of life simply unfurled before it. It was his seemingly never-ending camera zooms from Barry Lyndon that first sparked the seed of the idea behind The Corridor, before that idea grew, and grew into something that was, at times, infuriatingly ambitious, but I hope in the best tradition of the man who inspired it.’ Toby Dye.

The exhibition is running throughout July and August at Somerset House London. You can find out more HERE.

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