Tim Nackashi directs Pentatonix and Jason Derulo in a colorful video for “If I Ever Fall In Love”

18.04.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Heaven-sent harmonies are accompanied by lights and glorious projections in our director Tim Nackashi’s new video for Pentatonix.

“If I Ever Fall In Love” is taken from the a cappella group’s self-titled album and features pop star Jason Derulo alongside the vocal quintet. This week, we sat down with Tim to discuss the gorgeous visuals, creative endeavors, and fun on set.

Lighting and projections are utilized magnificently in the video. What was your inspiration?

Thanks! That was a huge happy accident. I asked for plain and simple white lighting but all they had was this colorful patterned projection stuff. No… Really, the inspiration comes at least in part from the fashion/art photographer Sølve Sundsbø who has a lot of still photo work in this realm. I have experimented with moving versions of this kind of approach a few times and I really like the ‘subtractive’ quality that comes from small lines and dots on only parts of a face or body. You don’t really know what you have until the frame is up and the projectors are on. But apparently the band liked the idea enough to jump into the experimentation process!

You’ve made short documentaries, music videos, and more. How do you approach each of the creative avenues and are there any similarities?

You find yourself getting invested in a band the same way you would a narrative character or a documentary subject. Wanting to find your own way into their world. That’s the hope at least. And really all of these formats end up feeling like opportunities for experimentation. So that links them.

What’s the most memorable thing that happened while shooting?

The most memorable thing about this shoot was that moment when colorful patterns would be playing across one band member’s face and the rest of the band would be standing with me at the monitor audibly loudly them on. This group was awesome. We had a lot of fun on this one.

Pentatonix and Jason Derulo

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