Toby Dye is Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick at Somerset House

14.04.2016 - Posted by : Black Dog Films
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Black Dog Films are excited to be producing a film and art installation for the upcoming Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Somerset House.

‘Daydreaming With…’ is a series of art and music exhibitions, which aim to create a unique and multi-sensory experience. Daydreaming With… Stanley Kubrick is the next installment in this ground-breaking series, exploring Kubrick’s ideas and themes through work by some of today’s leading creative minds.

Our director, Toby Dye will be showing a video installation piece, celebrating the legendary filmmaker’s thematic and stylistic devices. The work will consist of four films projected onto the four walls of a specially constructed cube within the exhibition space, trapping the audience in the centre of four interconnecting journeys that go on for eternity in a never ending camera-zoom.

The exhibition, curated by Mo’Wax record label and UNKLE founder James Lavelle, is a tribute to the filmmaking maverick and his enduring legacy. Renowned artists, musicians and directors, including Anish Kapoor, Michael Nyman, Daft Punk, and Jonathan Glazer amongst others, are creating unique pieces for the exhibition to honor Kubrick and his incredible career. All of the works will be set within compositions by Lavelle and musical collaborators, paying homage to the memorable scores of Kubrick’s seminal films.

Check out the trailer for Daydreaming With… Stanley Kubrick above. The unique and multi-sensory exhibition opens June 30 at Somerset House. Book tickets now, and check back with Black Dog Films soon for more details!

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