Hong Kong-Bound for Daydreaming With… with James Lavelle and Cyrcle!

19.09.2012 - Posted by : Black Dog

Last month, we headed to China to participate in the Daydreaming With…Hong Kong show, a groundbreaking multi-media exhibition examining artforms that cross borders. The show consisted of over 30 local and international award-winning artists including Black Dog creative powerhouses Jonas Akerlund, Sophie Muller, Shynola, Factory 15, Toby Dye, and Cyrcle.
In our own “Black Dog Room,” four films were played on a loop to songs from UNKLE. The films were specifically made for the music, one being a video for the band’s latest single. Jonas Akerlund and Sophie Muller each made a bespoke, unique piece for the room; while Factory 15 re-edited previous footage for a beautiful urban landscape piece befitting the Hong Kong setting.

Shynola, the animation collective responsible for Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead, painted three huge canvases inspired by a technique that they used fifteen years ago to create their first ever music video – which was, not coincidentally, for UNKLE, as James Lavelle gave them their first break into the industry. Meanwhile, street art collective Cyrcle created an incredible installation made of a wooden structure with a tunnel going through it, which spins on its axis three ways and features miniature figures painting graffiti and putting up posters. At the opening Cyrcle encouraged the public to interact with the work and it was constantly surrounded by crowds of people. They also produced a limited 20-edition print of James Lavelle’s face skulled inside a manifesto taken from his lyrics, playing on Cyrcle’s trademark original skull design and manifesto.

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