Cloé Bailly releases “Apollonia” for Semaine

10.12.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films


Cloé Bailly has written and directed Semaine’s “Apollonia” short film.

The French director has previously created a music video for Los Angeles-based band Haunt and a film for Sonia Rykiel, but this time it’s Poilâne’s signature loaf that’s in the spotlight.

In the film, we enter the doors of the famous boulangerie, first opened by Grandfather Pierre way back in 1932. We’re introduced to one particular loaf of bread, who in the years since, has been desired by many; Parisian girls, independent women, housewives, poets. They all love and are loved by the very cheeky and cavalier, Apollonia Poilâne.

It’s an impeccable world that Cloé has created in the video. With the utmost consideration to sound, movement, color and costuming being taken, all of which contribute to the film’s sometimes-surreal and always-vibrant, Wes Anderson-inspired aesthetic. Take a look.

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