Noisey sit down with Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and Reptile Youth to deconstruct music video magic

23.10.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Reptile Youth

Reptile Youth aka Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen have collaborated on an upcoming music video for Reptile Youth’s “Arab Spring Break (part 1 & part 2)”, taken from his latest EP Away. They recently sat down with Polina Bachlakova over at Noisey to discuss the clip, the demise of the music video as we know it, and their shared need to experiment and push boundaries.

It’s an excellent conversation, and a nice look behind the curtain at what was going on in their creative minds when making the video. We’ve picked out a few choice cuts, you can head here to read it in full.

On blurring the lines between music videos and short films:
Daniel: The great thing about music videos is that they don’t have rules. What I try to do in my music videos is take the style of filmmaking I enjoy and translate it into storytelling that fits the song.

On collaboration and creative control:
Daniel: The first time I heard “Arab Spring Break (part I & II)” I simply fell in love with the tracks. I was attracted to the way both tracks were cinematic and sparked pictures and feelings inside me but in two very separate ways. I got to know Mads and became really fascinated by him. [He] was willing to take the chance on the story as well, which meant everything—we were in it together. He trusted me and that’s how stuff like this should be.

On making a long-format video for our short attention spans:
Daniel: When I watch videos online and find them boring, I always scroll to the end right away. I think [“Arab Spring Break (part 1 & part 2)”] works best without scrolling but if it bores you, at least now you have the option.

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