Shynola return with ‘Bloodsport ’15 Part 2′ for Raleigh Ritchie

02.11.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Shynola have once again teamed up with UK singer and songwriter, Raleigh Ritchie.

The directorial trio of Jason Groves, Chris Harding, and Richard ‘Kenny’ Kenworthy released “Bloodsport ’15” earlier this year, and now they are back with even more visual treatment for the track.

Ritchie was in the midst of a bad case of unrequited love when we last caught up with him, and as we quickly discover in Part 2 there’s even more bad blood this time around. Literally! Ritchie’s feelings escalate from plain old broody to downright brutal, and naturally it was posted online on Halloween. “Fighting in a love war,” indeed.

Watch “Bloodsport ’15 Part 2″ now, but viewer advisory is advised: this video contains gun violence.

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