Chino Moya teams up with Years & Years on “Eyes Shut”

28.09.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Years & Years "Eyes Shut"

“I wanted to give this intimate song a sense of scale,” says Chino Moya of his first video for Black Dog UK after signing with us in July.

For “Eyes Shut” Chino directs Years & Years’ leading man Olly Alexander walking obliviously through a world that is coming to an end. “There is something very hypnotizing about him and that is why I decided to do everything in one-take,” Chino told us.

The visual treatment retains trademarks of Chino’s earlier work that impressed us so much, including surrealist and futuristic elements, and of course, a cinematic and detailed approach to set design and styling. Filmed on a housing state in the outskirts of Sofia, Chino saw the crumbling Eastern European architecture as the perfect setting for the video, imbuing it with the idea of an imploded civilisation.

“Just as we were doing the last take during magic hour, it started raining furiously. We thought that we were going to have to call it a day but somehow it stopped for a few minutes. Right before it got completely dark, we managed to slip in an extra take with the most amazing light and wet floors; and that’s the one we used in the end,” he explained.

Take a look!

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