Declan Whitebloom Collaborates with Banksy on Dismaland

20.08.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films


Banksy’s dystopian Dismaland has arrived! It’s being billed as “a chaotic new world where you can escape from mindless escapism,” and it’s open now. Set at the derelict site of Weston-Super-Mare seafront, the reimagined Disneyland or rather, “bemusement park,” is packed full of subversive artworks and inspired creations.

The installation has been rumored this past week to be part of a feature film project to be shot by Black Dog’s very own Declan Whitebloom. The film project was in fact just deep cover for the artist’s latest installation, with Declan coming on board solely as a collaborator in the deception, and in true Bansky style everything will remain top secret, with no documentary in the works to bring the theme park’s finer details to light.

Dismaland is Banksy’s first show in the UK since the renowned street artist’s Banksy v Bristol Museum show in 2009. The exhibition will be taking over the beachside location for the next six weeks and will feature live shows from the likes of Savages, Run The Jewels, Massive Attack, and Pussy Riot.

The post-modern space features a Guerilla Island offering workshops on how to hack billboards, and will be celebrating work from artists Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Jimmy Cauty. A grim reaper haunted ride, an oil caliphate-themed crazy mini golf course, and a puppet show created from debris out of Hackney skips are amongst additional sites to see. There’s also a crumbling fantasy castle replica, a glitchier take on Ariel the Little Mermaid, and, of course, “entry level anarchism.”

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