Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall Discuss The Chemical Brothers’ New Live Show With Creative Review 

23.07.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Creative Review

It’s no secret that The Chemical Brothers’ latest live show is being accompanied by spectacular visuals. Now, Creative Review have spoken to Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall to find out more about their work designing visuals for the ‎Born In The Echoes tour.

Adam and Marcus helmed epic videos and dizzying laser sequences to create an immersive and somewhat psychedelic visual trip for the audience, which are being displayed on giant screens and projected off into the crowd at shows.

In their interview with the design and visual culture site the gents discuss ideas, the overall concept, challenges faced, and wanting to add a human element, as well as delving into various animation sequences and reveals. Check out the fantastic images from the tour, and read the interview in full here

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