Ryan Hope x Disclosure with “Holding On”

02.07.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Disclosure feat Gregory Porter "Holding On"

Disclosure’s video for “Holding On” is six cinematic minutes of mystery and striking imagery from director Ryan Hope!

The English electronic duo have gone and dropped their new clip but the fate of the video’s protagonist Mariela, is only slightly clearer… Luckily this is only part one to a series of four films from the collaboration. We can tell you that there’s tattoos, helicopters and SWAT teams, sweaty dance scenes filmed up close so as to make you feel like you’re in the room, levitating cars and even some Minority Report-like technology involved in the epic first-parter.

“Holding On” features vocals by iconic jazz vocalist Gregory Porter and is the official lead single from Disclosure’s forthcoming studio album, Caracal.

We posted the trailer for the album last week, and were glad we were’t left hanging for long on what was set to unfold. There’s a lot to like throughout the movie-esque music video that’s been expertly helmed by Ryan, who specializes in marrying stunning visuals with a heavy fashion influence.

The British-born but LA-based director has previously worked with pop icons, huge US rappers, indie acts and everyone in between. Take a look at his latest, with his brand new work for Disclosure’s “Holding On.”


Director: Ryan Hope
Producer: Laura Jones
Executive Producer: Katie Dolan
Directors Representative: Martine Roker
DOP: Mathieu Plainfosse
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Head Of Music Video: Katie Dolan
Editor: Ryan Boucher @ Marshall Street
VFX: Jesse Monsour @ A52
Colourist: Paul Yacono @ A52
Directors Representative: Martin Roker
Commissioner: John Moule
Record Company: Island Records

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