Adam Smith Makes Glastonbury Appearance Alongside Chemical Brothers

30.06.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Chemical Brothers Glastonbury

The Chemical Brothers longtime visual collaborator Adam Smith stood in for Ed Simons during the band’s headline set on Glastonbury’s Other Stage on Sunday night.

Adam executed visuals he created with Marcus Lyall, which he describes as “a truly unique, immersive psychedelic experience. Our aim is to fully capture the spirit of the music in the incredible new Chemical Brothers live set.”

The brand new visuals deftly combine lighting and projection installations with a healthy dose of the visceral raw energy one might find at an acid house warehouse rave.

We recently posted their collaboration on the euphoria-inducing video for ‘Under Neon Lights’ from The Chemical Brothers new album Born In The Echoes. We recommend you revisit that clip to get a taste! Adam will also appear alongside the band as they perform live over summer, so be sure to catch them when they’re in your area.

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