Aya Tanimura x Rozzi Crane ft. Pusha T with “Psycho”

04.06.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films


Recently we wrote that Aya Tanimura has “an incredible eye, and an equally fantastic imagination and we can’t wait to share her artistry with you,” and we’re thrilled to announce that today’s the day we can present Aya’s first music video since being signed by Black Dog.

Aya, who’s work for Katy Perry you’re no doubt already familiar with, has created a stunning, light-saturated video for San Francisco songstress Rozzi Crane. It’s a creative daydream that’s complete with Narnia-esque animals and colors channels pulled out to pop alongside the singer’s ethereal track.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter has enlisted Pusha T to help out on a verse for “Psycho,” and he can be found rapping at the foot of an enormous salt mountain in the clip.

Watch “Psycho” now and stay tuned for even more work from director Aya Tanimura very soon!

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