ASHLEY CLARK and DECLAN WHITEBLOOM Take You On The Road In ‘Greyhound’

23.04.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

Country singer Ashley Clark has combined forces with boy wonder Declan Whitebloom for the video to his debut tune ‘Greyhound’!

Clark previously lead country pop outfit Sons of Sylvia with two of his brothers, before taking his fiddle on the road to tour with Carrie Underwood for a number of years. He’s just embarked on a solo journey and it’s off to a stunning start.

In ‘Greyhound’ we see Clark as a modern day cowboy, riding his horse all around town to get the girl. Director Declan Whitebloom even manages to get Clark’s trusty steed to wait patiently at the laundromat, as Clark clean his clothes.

It’s a lot of fun, check it out.

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