Mat Kirkby and James Lucas Reflect On What It’s Like To Win An Oscar

16.03.2015 - Posted by : Black Dog Films

RSA director Mat Kirkby and his partner in film James Lucas recently sat down with Campaign to discuss what it felt like to take home an iconic golden statuette for their short film drama The Phone Call.

As you’d expect, euphoria, relief, and “a wonderful release of endorphins” are all in the mix!

In the interview the two discuss the “electric, heady, exhilarating” evening in which they won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short, as well as the inspiration behind the film and what projects are on the horizon.

They also weigh in on the special type of panic that sets in when you’re mid-acceptance speech and a giant clock’s counting you down; “before you know it, you’re in the wings getting high-fived by Gwyneth Paltrow, and you look down and you’ve got a 6kg, 24-carat-gold, iconic object in your hands and you’re giggling,” Mat details.

That trophy became their “key to the city of LA and all the parties happening in it,” according to Mat. You can read the full interview here to find out who they rubbed shoulders with, whose after parties they attended, and who they shared a curry with at 6am the next morning.

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